Presiding Bishops

Bishop Paul M. Capers was born in Hampton, South Carolina on March 23, 1952 to Rudolph and Emily Capers. At the age of 13 his parents moved to Brooklyn, New York. It was there that he completed JHS at St Clair McKelway 178. In 1970 he graduated from Boys High School and received a full scholarship to Cornell University.

Bishop Capers married the lovely Amanda E. Stephens on September 02, 1977. They have four children. Paul D. Capers and his wife Natalie and children, Jeremiah and Olivia, Seth and Amber Capers. Bishop Capers received the Holy Ghost on February 10, 1979 and was baptized in Jesus’ Name on March 18, 1979. He accepted his call to preach and teach the Word of God on October 4, 1980. On October 4, 1982 he became the Assistant Pastor of Lively Stone Temple Apostolic Faith Church, Inc. In August 1984 he was ordained an elder at the national convention in Pittsburgh, PA. Bishop Capers has held the position of Sunday school teacher, Superintendent, Deacon, Financial Director, Executive Board Secretary, Assistant Youth Chairman of Lively Stone Temple prior to being installed as pastor on September 22, 1995.

Under the leadership of Bishop Capers the Lord has blessed Lively Stone Temple Ministries to continue to prosper and to add over 1100 sq. ft. to the present facility. In addition, the ministry operates under the banner of one church in three locations (Islandton, Columbia and Bamberg, South Carolina) with Jurisdictional Bishop James Mack and D/E Talmadge L. Wiggins as pastors respectively.

In 1996 he became Chairman of the Atlantic States Council of the PCAF, Inc. and the District Elder for the state of South Carolina respectively. Bishop Capers held the position as chairman of the Atlantic States Council for 8 years. Prior to becoming Council Chairman, he held the position of vice chairman, Sunday School Superintendent, Treasurer, and Executive Board member. In August 2001 in Jacksonville, Florida during the National Convention there, he was elected to the office of Jurisdictional Bishop. He was ordained at the PCAF National Convention in Birmingham, Alabama in August 2002. Later he was elected to the office of Episcopal Bishop and was consecrated at the PCAF, Inc. 50th Anniversary in Detroit, Michigan. The Lord has blessed Bishop Capers to be nominated as Assistant General Secretary of the PCAF, Inc. He is the first Episcopal Bishop and first National Executive Officer of the PCAF, Inc. from the state of South Carolina. Bishop Capers believed in hard work since childhood. One of his favorite scriptures is “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. Genesis 8:22

God has blessed Bishop Capers to achieve four bachelors, three masters with hours beyond and other certificates. He matriculated at Cornell University, University of South Carolina, Charleston Southern University, Webster University, Erskine Theological Seminary and Beacon University Institute of Ministry. His earned degrees are in Finance, Management, Real Estate and Theology on both the Bachelors and Masters Levels. Bishop Paul M. Capers also became the recipient of the Jerusalem Pilgrim Degree in 1982. Bishop Capers is currently pursuing a doctorate degree.

Bishop Capers and his wife Amanda are owners of Capers Realty Company, Inc. and Capers Construction Company. We thank God for his strength and many blessings to minister and work.